First blog post (meet me) 

Hello from Texas,

I just wanted to start out by saying, I am not a blogger 🙂 never did I imagine I’d be sitting here writing about myself, my goals, or my life in general. It’s funny how life does you.  Am I right? Yet here I am, excited and a little nervous to be starting this new page in this journey of my life. 

My name is Elishia Shaffer. I am a 28 yr old mom from Texas. I never in my life imagined I’d have married my dream man, but God placed him in my life at the perfect time and we now have a beautiful baby girl. 

My life isn’t exactly where I want it to be, but it’s a blessing to be where I am at. I haven’t had a hard life like so many, but I’ve definitely had my obstacles, difficulties and demons ( another blog for another time). I just feel so blessed to be sharing what I’ve gone through and where I’m at now, to all of you amazing people!

Here’s what’s going on right now:

My husband and I are gym fanatics. I have recently took on the goal of one day becoming a top contender for the npc bikini competitions. I have been working non stop and I am determined to reach my goal. I want to help as many people as I can along the way as well. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in the skin God gave them. 

I also decided to take up photography ( which has always been my passion) and it has taken off! Making people smile and capturing those once in a lifetime moments couldn’t make me any happier. I love my job and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

I have so much to say, so much to talk about and get into. All in due time. I am very happy to be writing and making dreams reality. Everything you set your mind to is reachable and attainable. I’m all about positive vibes and if I can change anything in this world for the better, I am more than willing to. I hope you all will stay in touch and follow me on my journey. I am here for anyone in need of anything! 

God. Bless post


12 thoughts on “First blog post (meet me) ”

  1. First, I wanted to say thank you for the support on my blog 🙂 But secondly, I absolutely loved your introduction!! Your vision, your dream, God is going to use you for beautiful big things and I am excited to be a part of your journey! I’m still praying to figure out what it is God wants me to do with my life, what passions I can turn into a career, but seeing someone like you who has begun that process reminds me of the hope I have for the future, God bless!

    Jordan 🙂

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    1. Oh this literally makes me tear up! These are the reactions I want and hope to get from people! Thank you so much ! It took a long time to finally come to terms that college wasn’t for me, and I was changing jobs…..like no ones business lol sometimes I think we should all just do what we love, even if it means having 100 jobs in our lives. We should never just settle because of the money or because it’s the ideal way of life. We can all kick butt if we trust in God, if we believe and we do not give up! Seriously thank you so much for your kind words!


  2. Hello Elishia, by the way you have cute kids. Pbain in the behind, and I only have a dog so my hero is not superman, is my mom. And a very handsome husband, you are blessed. And you’re from Texas…. so I bet you know how to shoot, don’t shoot me!!! I was in the army so we can have a shooting challenge.
    Anyways, glad you stoped by my crazy blog and looking forward to read you when time permits.

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  3. Hi Elishia thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and deciding to follow! It’s nice to welcome a new blogger friend in this community! Nice to meet you, my name is Carolina Italian native and moved to California only in 2002 I am a full time artist I love to create and express my creativity with different mediums, and when I don’t paint I love my Nikon! 😉 also I write poems sometimes! I love a creative and healthy life with exercise and a plants based food way to eat, fresh energy! I wish you all the best with your Blog and goals in your life! Stay connected I follow your Blog too! 🙂 ❤

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