My favorite photos 

Hello from Texas,

Since I was a little girl, I have been taking photos. I was winning awards in 4h by the age of 8 and had dreams of pursing a photography career. For some reason, as I got older, that dream faded because of the “can’t” word. I hate that word. It started sinking in my head I needed a REAL job. I put off photography and tried many other things, nothing ever sticking….well because let’s face it, I hate doing what I don’t love.

When I met my husband three years ago, everything finally changed. He helped me finally realize my real dream in photography and chased it along with me. He’s been my support this entire time. Last year I finally dug deep and opened up my business. I am still learning and have major goals to one day achieve!! Like MAJOR goals.

 ( possibly a book in the making) 

Anyways I can’t believe how fast a year has gone, or where it has taken me, but here is a look into my favorite photographs of 2016-2017

Please enjoy! 

My very first Ring photo 🙂 This was what my fiancé proposed with and the beautiful jewel I wear everyday. 

My first wedding dress photo and yes it’s mine! 

Here’s where I finally figured out what I wanted my business to be called, isn’t it funny how many names you can come up with? I finally just went with my last name, since well, my husband started my whole journey! Shaffer Photography 

This photo here is my first family picture out on my parents ranch. How cute is my brother, his wife and children?!?!? 

My first maternity shoot, which is one of my all time favorites to this day! It took 3 days to make her beautiful skirt! 

This mother daughter shoot had me like 😍😍 and who doesn’t love a good black and white!

Speed on up to my daughters ONE YEAR birthday! I just had to do a cake smash. It took me 5 days to make all the props you see in the picture! 

She should serisouly be a baby model! Or is that just me?!?!? 

I decided after this photo shoot, I’d start working on senior photos! See which category of photography I might like more! I just couldn’t get enough of it all! This girl down here is a beautiful gem and I wish here the best in the next 4 years of collage! 

Next was easter time and all I have to say is babies and baby ducks equals the best time of my life and the best photos ever! I had to post three of my favorites here because I could never pick one

And why not get a shot of my daughter in there. She’s literally who I practice on every single day so I gotta give her props! 

Then I’ve got my all time beach photos, can you tell the difference in my photography yet?!?

Beach shoots are definitely picked as my number one or two places to be.

My next two favorites are the last ones I have done so far this year. 

There is a special place in my heart for all our military personell. As a former Navy Corpsman, I give my highest respect to those who serve. It takes great sacrifice to do what these people do. 

Last, but not least, and like I said these are just some of my favorites from this year, is the beautiful wedding I just attended and the honor of photographing.

 This photo is of the brother and sister who were the ring bearer and flower girl in their mom and dads vowel renual. I am in love!

I really hope y’all enjoy! This job has made me the most happiest person. My heart is full. There is nothing more humbling then witnessing families, friends, and everything in between make memories that you get to freeze and capture. I’m literally capturing a moment in time for all to see forever. 

God Bless 


16 thoughts on “My favorite photos ”

  1. Good job done, you need to find your mojo back, that’s the whole trick.

    Even if it’s your passion, if you are doing something just because of doing irrespective of passion behind it. Than its no point in doing it.

    About the skill level of your photographs, I would like to say, the more you see other people work the better one gets. Photography is like this!


  2. Hey! I noticed you are in Texas. My husband and 10 month old just moved here and I’ve been looking for someone to do her 1st birthday photos and I fell in love with your story and photos. You’re very talented! I’d really love to book you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to do them! You can message me on my fb page. It is @myshafferphotography on Facebook. Or search for me Elishia Shaffer. I haven’t quite figured out this whole blog thing on how to tag my page lol let me know if you find me!!


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