Newborn Photography 101

Hey loves,

Today I wanted to discuss the 101 on Newborn Photography.

Now, I’m still new here to this as well, but little by little, I am learning the do’s and do NOT’S!

First off, newborn photography is HARD! It’s time consuming. You have to have patience and you HAVE to practice.

Practice on dolls, practice on your own kids, and take on clients when you can!

Secondly, stuff those babies up with milk! I’m not kidding. We want those babies comatized! I always tell the mothers to feed baby before leaving, and then have a bottle or whatever means necessary, ready to give during the shoot.

Thirdly, we want our babies cozy and warm! I usually have a heating pad underneath my blankets or a heater blowing on the baby. I also wear gloves so my deathly cold hands don’t freak a kid out! Lol keep the temperature comfortable.

Number four, babies poop and pee. It’s going to happen. So ALWAYS have extra blankets, mats, covers, wraps, and clothes available.

Okay, the hard part: POSING…

A lot of newborn poses are hard to do. I haven’t even mastered everything I want to accomplish! But you have to have patience in any pose and make sure baby is relaxed. Sometimes it takes a few minutes of warming babies arms and hands/ feet to get them into a position. Just take your time!

I always feel like less is more:

No need to have tons of props in my options, less is more. Catching the small details like their hands, feet, head, lips ect are just what a parent is wanting to savor.

I will have more newborn photography 101 here in the next few days, so I hope you all stay tuned!


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