Busy Summer Bod

Hello Loves, I'd like to start off by apologizing for being away so long. Once school let out, it's been a whirlwind of flying non-stop. We had baseball for my oldest, our once a year family reunion, birthday parties, vacations, weddings, and of course, getting ready for my show aka bikini prep. Here's the low… Continue reading Busy Summer Bod


My best friend ( fighting against lymphoma)

It's safe to say, most people have at least ONE best friend in their life. I'm talking about that one friend who knows Every. Single. Thing. About. You. The friend you call crying to when your relationship is going wrong or the one you call to blab about how well it's going and how nice… Continue reading My best friend ( fighting against lymphoma)


My little hero. A child in Kidney Failure. (nephronophthisis)

As most of you know, I am a professional photographer. I try to do it all. From Weddings to senior portraits, I love every bit. I recently had a mother come to me with a request and information I'm not sure I'd ever be able to write out, if it were my own. Before I… Continue reading My little hero. A child in Kidney Failure. (nephronophthisis)


8 weeks out

Hello Loves, I've been absent for a couple weeks due to our once a year BIG family vacation ! This year we chose to go to Jamaica. Another post coming soon 🙂 Anyways when I got back into town and had a chance to talk with my coach, we decided that I should be ready… Continue reading 8 weeks out


Write it down

Lately, while scrolling though my Facebook feed, Instagram feed, just social media, I've noticed TONS of negativity! Women suffering from depression, anxiety, absolute sadness and literally day after day laying in bed, crying, and having nothing positive to say. Not that I don't think these women WANT to live this way, but I don't think… Continue reading Write it down

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She’s worth it (v-day)

Hello Loves, Let me jump right into it 😏 I am SO sick of the cliche phrase "we've got each other, that's all we need." Guys, it's VaLeNtInEs DAY!! Come on, one one day a year, you really show your significant other "hey, I love the hell out of you!" " You deserve my whole… Continue reading She’s worth it (v-day)


The Grove ( Meyers cleaning products)

Hello loves, I wanted to jump on real fast and tell you about the amazing new cleaning products I have been using. They are called Mrs, Meyers. There is a wide range of cleaning supplies they offer. From hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent to their body wash! Mrs Meyers products are formulated with… Continue reading The Grove ( Meyers cleaning products)