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She’s worth it (v-day)

Hello Loves, Let me jump right into it 😏 I am SO sick of the cliche phrase "we've got each other, that's all we need." Guys, it's VaLeNtInEs DAY!! Come on, one one day a year, you really show your significant other "hey, I love the hell out of you!" " You deserve my whole… Continue reading She’s worth it (v-day)


The Grove ( Meyers cleaning products)

Hello loves, I wanted to jump on real fast and tell you about the amazing new cleaning products I have been using. They are called Mrs, Meyers. There is a wide range of cleaning supplies they offer. From hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent to their body wash! Mrs Meyers products are formulated with… Continue reading The Grove ( Meyers cleaning products)

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The twins

Hello loves! I am so excited to share with you, my first ever, twin newborn shoot! Eeeeeek! First off, babies are hard to photograph. You've got the crying, the feeding, the pooping, the peeing. You've got some who like it super warm and snug, and others who won't lay still long enough to get them… Continue reading The twins

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Maternity Milk Bath

Hello Loves ❤️ Today, I wanted to share with you on how to create the PERFECT milk bath for photography! Or if you just wanna relax on a spa level in your own home 🙂 I've read tons of articles, been on Pinterest, and lord knows googling everything I can for information on quality and… Continue reading Maternity Milk Bath

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Week 6 and 7 of prep

Hello Loves 🙂 I am now on week 7 of my prep. My coach and I are looking at shows around April - June !! Eeeeeeek! I'm not gonna lie, this journey isn't easy by any means! There are days when I honestly would love to stop and give up. Giving up is so easy.… Continue reading Week 6 and 7 of prep